‘Noryangjin’, a new non-BBQ Korean restaurant in Strathfield

A new non-BBQ style Korean restaurant in Strathfield specialising in gopchang-gui or grilled beef intestines along with bossam.

Strathfield, Korean BBQ mecca in Sydney aka ‘Little Korea of Sydney’, has greeted a new non-BBQ style Korean restaurant specialising in gopchang-gui or grilled beef intestines along with bossam.

Gopchang refers to the small intestines from pork or cattle, and bossam is a dish consisting of steamed or braised pork belly wrapped in lettuce and sesame leaves (ssam means to wrap) along with other ingredients and condiments.

Gopchang which is chopped into rounded sections is the well-cleaned and fried intestine of cows or pigs.

It is served in a variety of ways: stir-fired or grilled with a variety of vegetables, which is called ‘gopchang bokkeum’.  Also a kind of gopchang stew is served at this restaurant.

Its real delicacy is a fried rice dish served on the table in the same stewpan which is used for gopchang bokkeum.

Noryangjin’s bossam is also another exceptionally fine dish and very-well presented.

Components of this dish typically include some spicy shredded radish kimchi, blanched Chinese cabbage, as well as raw slices of garlic and green chili, and so on.

Each of these ingredients are stacked onto a lettuce leaf or a slice of marinated radish cabbage along with a smear of mild chili paste, wrapped up into a small parcel and eaten in one whole mouthful.

The new Noryangjin restaurant can serve up to 80 diners and offer special lunch menu along with take-aways.  

Shop 121  20-34  Albert Rd   Strathfield
Lunch: 11am – 2pm(7days)
Dinner: 4pm-midnight(7days)

Bookings not essential

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