Australian media eyes K-Pop group Got7 rocking Perth

A K-Pop boy group Got7 were in spotlight of the Australia’s mainstream media during their tour down under, wowing Australian fans.

Got7 played a series of 'fan meetings' in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, each designed to test the waters for future concerts and help drum up support for Korean pop music.

Taking to the stage at around 7.30pm, six of the crew (JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Bam Bam, and Yugyeom) warmed up the raving Perth crowd with a few of their slower ballads before MCs Andy Trieu from SBS PopAsia and David Park opened up the floor to audience questions.

When asked what he liked about Perth, Got7 member Mark said, "I love people in Perth. Their love is much hotter."

MC Andy Trieu asked if he meant the weather, but Mark stuck to his guns, saying the people are very sexy, triggering a huge wave of fans screaming and chanting and waving glow sticks and banners declaring their love.

After the questions were wrapped up, the boys played games on stage, with physical challenges like 'cheek to cheek' guessing what an object was judged with penalties for the losing team, including getting a kiss from a band member, hitting themselves and having to do a 'sexy dance.'