One of the most popular questions asked on a Chinese portal website recently is what “xi” means in Korean, a word introduced to residents in China

Australia’s most well-known retired High Court justice, Michael Kirby delivered a public lecture on 21 May 2014 on the topic of “the Lessons of the

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop visited Strathfield, Sydney widely known as “Little Korea” of Australia and expressed her concern

DEAR LEADER is a devastating account of life in North Korea by a former Party insider.

The first ever Korea Festival in Victor has brought the sights, sounds and tastes of Korea to Federation Square, wowing Melbourne residents.

In the wake of the tragic ferry disaster, the entire nation of South Korea including all the overseas Korean communities has been stricken with gr

About 9 in 10 foreigners said they were willing to date a Korean if given a chance, according to a survey conducted by a Korea-based matchmaking fi

South Korea imposed new restrictions on mixed marriages this month, but critics say the authorities would do better to focus on supporting foreign

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival which takes place till 20 April 2014 features Babbling Comedy by Korean comedy ensemble Ong-als.

Last July, the City of Glendale California, unveiled a statute in its central park of a Korean-American who was a so-called “comfort woman” -- one

Korean SBS TV entertainment show program, ‘Running Man’ has assured of its massive popularity in Australia, stunning the towns down under where the

Korean born Australian soprano Hyeseoung Kwon(left in the above image) and Japan’s Hiromi Omura(right) are set to juggle the lead in the Opera Aust


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