South Korean President Park Geun-Hye(right in the photo) has appointed executive members and each chairperson of the National Unification Advisory

Korean Air, South Korea’s flag carrier, has decided to ban shipping shark fin on its cargo flights as part of a growing global movement against the

A second-generation Korean Australian school boy in Year 9 has grabbed the grand prize at the 18th Korean Speech (Eloquence) Competition which took

An exhibition of traditional Korean folk paintings or ‘Minhwa’ will be held at the Art Space on The Concourse, Chatswood from 18 to 30 June.

Solo concerts in Sydney(31 March) and Melbourne(29 March)

Korean traditional folk paintings known as “Minhwa’ are displayed at a special exhibition at the Korean Cultural Office in Sydney.

NSW Government’s high profile Minister has accelerated his move to open up a practical communication channel with the 2nd generation Korean- Austra

Panoptic perspectives on voices in exile...a two-day film event

photo: Sydney Swan’s players with the Korean community youth ambassador Harnsle Joo

Sydney’s guitar whiz kid Jeremy Yong performs at LNY celebration in Strathfield.

Mr Luke Song dressed in ancient armour presents a Korean traditional vase to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Inaugural winner of the 2011 SBS Matthew Krel Prizewinner


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