"Exhibitiion of Korean chopsticks in Sydney to showcase Korean traditional spirit"

As part of the Sydney Craft Week, Feast of K-Chopsticks explores diverse craft practices on chopsticks from Korea. Spanning relics, artifacts and handicrafts, this exhibition showcases culture of chopsticks and a wide variety of artistic chopsticks related to local craftsmanship. 80 artists focus on a range of approaches to complete the aesthetic sensibility with functionality.

Top_Photo: Cheongju Cultural Industry Foundation /  Right, Middle_Gyu-nam Lee, Variations of the grains of rice(detail) /  Left, Middle_Jae-hong Jung, Brassware spoon and chopsticks(Sojeo) /  Bottom_Chopsticks from Cheongju city.

CHO Sung-ho, Family(Brooch), 2018 These artworks are face brooches made by cutting the head part of spoons. It is a representation of the family which stands for people who share a meal together. Brooches with different shapes, materials and sizes represent not

Chopsticks are widely used across East Asia, and are commonly used by around 30 percent of the global population. Although the shape of the sticks differs from country to country, one thing remains constant: they are comprised of two identical sticks. The factor that most influences the design of the chopsticks is local cuisine and local cooking traditions. Recent chopsticks designs make you want to hold them. When holding chopsticks of various shades and colours, the hand becomes part of the design. It’s hard to resist the temptation to own such sets of chopsticks. From earthy designs using materials found in nature, to use of eco-friendly non-toxic materials, such as silicon and corn, chopsticks continue to evolve in the present day (Reference: Korean Culture and Information Service. Chopsticks, Designed To Be 'Held'. KOREA. vol.14, no.02, 2018, pp.34-35.).

This exhibition has been made possible by the Cheongju City and the Cheongju Cultural Industry Foundation, South Korea.

LEE Gyu-nam, Sonata of pebbles, 2018

KIM Joon Yong, Salad bowl & chopsticks, 2018, glass

CHOI Ki, 1968 + Plate with a bowl, 2018

Cheongju city located in the middle of the Republic of Korea, with a 1,500-year-old history and a population of one million. This is the place where the world's oldest rice seeds (17,000BCE) were unearthed, and also where the oldest movable metal printed book, Jikji, was discovered. Cheongju city has hosted the Cheongju Craft Biennale, the Jikji Festival and the Chopsticks Festival throughout the year.

Feast of K-Chopstics, which opens from October 10

More than 500 chopsticks sets will be presented. So the exotic artworks created by Korean artisans will impress you, and you will have a new perspective on chopsticks.

Date: 10 OCT - 9 NOV 2018
Time: 10 am - 6 pm (weekdays)
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre (255 Elizabeth St. Sydney)
02 8267 3400


For the opening night, there will be a performance by Solwot, traditional percussion team and a demonstration of  making chopsticks by artist LEE Joung-kuk, all the way from Cheongju City.  

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