When it comes to cool, cultishly-adored Korean imports, beauty products tend to steal the spotlight (as do Kpop stars).

Han Hyun-min, a young up-and coming Korean-Nigerian model, has fought racism to become one of the most exciting new faces in the Korean fashion scene.



Lines of a hanbok jeogori (traditional jacket)

A slew of Korean plus-size models are challenging beauty ideals and making their mark on social media in a country quickly earning credit as a top fashion capital.

There are now more K-pop stars than ever fighting for 

The exhibition will be on show at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from June 8 through Aug. 27.

South Korea is already the home of fast fashion that’s bold and bright, and now a group of designers have banded together to turn heads with a sustainably produced ‘slow’ fashion collection, Wear G

When Paris-based Vetements and announced their much anticipated garage sale at the beginning of Seoul Fashion Week, a streetwear-savvy crowd lined up outside.