When it comes to cool, cultishly-adored Korean imports, beauty products tend to steal the spotlight (as do Kpop stars).

Han Hyun-min, a young up-and coming Korean-Nigerian model, has fought racism to become one of the most exciting new faces in the Korean fashion scene.



There are now more K-pop stars than ever fighting for 

The exhibition will be on show at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from June 8 through Aug. 27.

South Korea is already the home of fast fashion that’s bold and bright, and now a group of designers have banded together to turn heads with a sustainably produced ‘slow’ fashion collection, Wear G

M.A.C works with Korean design duo Steve J and Yoni P for a fun, graphic and colourful new makeup collection


Fashion has never been one to shy away from scenes considered edgy or fringe, which could make it the perfect partner for the growing cannabis industry.

When Paris-based Vetements and announced their much anticipated garage sale at the beginning of Seoul Fashion Week, a streetwear-savvy crowd lined up outside.