'Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival 2019' is a domestic Winter festival and will be held from Dec. 28 to Feb. 17, 2019.

Hueree Natural Park is one of the most local and beautiful parks on Jeju Island. The park offers various seasonal programs in different colors. This winter, visitors can take a walk on the red carp

The 10th anniversary of the Seoul Lantern Festival will take you on a journey along the path of light. The lanterns show the life of Seoul from Joseon Dynasty to the imaginary city of the future.

Jikji Korea International Festival, an annual cultural event in honor of the world's oldest extant book printed with movable metal type, will conclude its 21-day run in the central South Korean cit

Bibimbap was one of the top three foods during the Joseon period and it is thought to be the most favorite Korean meal among foreigners.

 The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off its 23rd edition in the southern South Korean city of Busan on Thursday, seeking a "new leap forward" after nearly four years of political f

A festival of traditional Korean food, known as hansik in Korean, kicked off in Seoul on Thursday as South Korea pushes to promote the country's food culture around the world, the government said. 

As part of the Sydney Craft Week, Feast of K-Chopsticks explores diverse craft practices on chopsticks from Korea.

A major international sporting event for firefighters has opened with great fanfare in the central city of Chungju, bringing together more than 6,000 firefighters from across the globe.

The 12th Gwangju Biennale finally raised its curtain Friday under the theme of "Imagined Borders," for which 11 curators put together a dizzying array of some 300 artworks by 165 artists.

Paju Book City is a leading publishing and cultural hub in Korea, started in 2011 with the establishment of a street lined with bookstores to transform the area from a place of publication to a pla

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