(CNN) — The fact that there are over 100 different types of kimchi should tell you something about the pride Koreans have in their food.

Chodang Sundubu Tofu

Chodang Sundubu Tofu Village is widely known for its Tofu-making.

Gangwon Province (Gangwondo) is blessed with a number of world-class tourist attractions and specialty foods.

Interest in hansik, or Korean food, is growing among local and foreign diners as Korean culture spreads rapidly around the world.

For every generation, there often exists a single, most significant event that brings the entire generation together, whether it be a financial crisis or a sports event.





Photo: Map of the popular restaurants in Myeong-dong

Strathfield is widely known as Little Korea of Australia, with the highest rate of Korean speakers in the suburb.

Now it gains the reputation of the town of ‘Seoul food’ epitomising the delicacies of Korean food.