As Korean food gains popularity worldwide, food writer May Tien explores the different facets of the cuisine and delves into the varied menu options available in Jakarta.

World media have highlighted that Chimaek- the term used to describe the fried chicken (chi) and beer (maekju) combo - has been thriving in South Korea for years but its frenzy is spurred on the oc

At a glance, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish a premium Wagyu from Hanwoo because they’re both highly marbled meats.

What about taste?

Typically served with tea as refreshments for special guests, Korea's traditional desserts are visually appealing with lovely colors and appearances.

We are living in an era in which technology has amazingly progressed to the stage where almost everything you need can be found and searched within a few moves of the fingertips, through portable d

The late Michael Jackson’s favourite food

Who doesn’t love some good fried chicken?


The crispy skin…moist chicken…and of course, the beautiful, sticky sauce.


Galbitang is a hearty Korean soup made with beef short ribs, Korean radish, onions, starchy noodles and other ingredients.  Galbi refers to short ribs and tang is another name for guk mean

My family was recently invited to a Korean restaurant in Eastwood by my Korean friends.

It was a great pleasure to try an entrée dish called Jeon (Pajeon, Pancake-like dish).

Strathfield, Korean BBQ mecca in Sydney aka ‘Little Korea of Sydney’, has greeted a new non-BBQ style Korean restaurant specialising in gopchang-gui or grilled beef intestines along with bossam.

Bring your friends…not just with your boy or girl friend

Korean red bean jelly ‘yanggaeng’ is one of the most popular Korean snacks, with sweet and texture, and blended silky beans.


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