My family was recently invited to a Korean restaurant in Eastwood by my Korean friends.

It was a great pleasure to try an entrée dish called Jeon (Pajeon, Pancake-like dish).

Strathfield, Korean BBQ mecca in Sydney aka ‘Little Korea of Sydney’, has greeted a new non-BBQ style Korean restaurant specialising in gopchang-gui or grilled beef intestines along with bossam.

Bring your friends…not just with your boy or girl friend

Korean red bean jelly ‘yanggaeng’ is one of the most popular Korean snacks, with sweet and texture, and blended silky beans.

The temple has been leveraging its expertise in temple food through its temple stay and food experience programs for the masses.

The Korea Tourism Organization has selected its top picks for sampling restaurants operating in hanok buildings in Seoul.

Australia’s renowned culinary guru Neil Perry, godfather of the greatest food in Sydney, has recently recommended “NaruOne” as his top pick for sampling Korean restaurant for American broadcaster C

With walls adorned with Nintendo-inspired art and a menu that showcases the much-loved hits of Korean cuisine married with an unlikely Mexican influence, Koba has become a lunchtime favourite to ci

Summer in Korea is in full force, bringing with it muggy weather and bouts of heavy rain.

There are many restaurants, cafes and retail shops around Seoul that serve or sell halal food.

The Daily Telegraph featured a Korean restaurant in Sydney city ‘Danjee ‘ in its recent article describing “Korean cuisine comes of age with best of BBQ” and showcasing the restaurant’s bo ssam of


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