Oriental Spoon in Melbourne

Australia’s major daily newspapers, ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘The Age’ presented an unprecedented coverage on Korean food allowing huge space in their life and style section respectively thi

A New Korean fusion restaurant ‘Moon Park’ in Redfern, Sydney, has featured in a Sydney’s major daily newspaper the Daily Telegraph , being described as a quirky restaurant offering excellent moder

I have always found it hard to introduce traditional Korean food to English speaking friends, whether it be at my house, or I take them to a restaurant.

I had a chance to visit OBALTAN when my dearest teacher invited me to dinner.

For those who’ve been to Chatswood heaps of times, you would’ve seen this restaurant. ‘The Bulgogi’ is just passed Westfield when you walk from the station.

People say a clown fish can be found in Cairns like the one in 'Finding Nemo' With plenty of excitement for snorkelling, I got on a boat.

Before I even got down to Melbourne, I’d been really eager to try out Guhng (pronounced goong. It means ‘palace’), as I was told of the restaurant by some of my friends who lived in Melbourne.

All about one-stop Korean food in Brisbane

“Seollal” known as Lunar New Year in Australia is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Korea along with Chuseok..


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