CNN's Graham Holliday has made a career out of eating.

The author of "Eating Viet Nam" recently published a new book, this time chronicling his culinary adventures through South Korea.

Singapore Airlines has been serving full-course Korean meals on flights in collaboration with chef Yim Jung-sik, a renowned South Korean chef-restaurateur, on routes between Korea and Singapore sta

While there are seemingly countless cookbooks out on the market, each written with a certain niche and aiming to set themselves apart from the rest on the shelf (or screen), “Cook Korean!”:  A

For many South Koreans, the country's northeastern Gangwon Province is one of the most popular vacation destinations for its unspoiled nature, clean air and relative quietness.

Japanese food company Yutaka will bring Korea’s favourite food to UK supermarkets this month, marking the first time that it has been available to British consumers outside of specialist retailers.

The chief of the state-run Korean food promotional body on Thursday called for concerted efforts by the government and the food industry to promote Korean food, known as "hansik," on the global cul





A chef’s dedication, Gotgan by Lee Jong Guk

Michelin Guide is a world-famous guide to the best restaurants across the globe. This year, there were many additions in the area of Seoul, especially focusing on restaurants serving Korean cuisine.