Researchers said on 20 April 2017 they have found that lactic acid bacteria in kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented vegetable dish, is potentially effective in treating atopic dermatitis, a chron

There is nothing new about the popularity of Korean food among flight passengers.

The temple has been leveraging its expertise in temple food through its temple stay and food experience programs for the masses.

A long with the chaotic energy of the city comes the occasional craving to center the soul and mind.

South Korea is set to inherit the world’s highest life expectancy by 2030

Kimchi is the most famous traditional food and icon that well-represents Korea itself, as it accompanies almost every meal served in the country.





A chef’s dedication, Gotgan by Lee Jong Guk

Michelin Guide is a world-famous guide to the best restaurants across the globe. This year, there were many additions in the area of Seoul, especially focusing on restaurants serving Korean cuisine.