Summer in Australia is in full force, bringing with unprecedented heatwave.

The signature event at this Strathfield café and bakery is definitely sweet potato cakes which are mouth-watering and irresistible.

Australia’s major daily newspapers, ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘The Age’ have presented a full coverage on Korean food allowing huge space in their life and style section.

There is a conventional wisdom in Korea, saying “the delicious smell of grilled gizzard shad in autumn makes a runaway daughter-in-law return home.”

According to SBS Food section, a Korean fried chicken restaurant ‘Gami’ is taking over Australia.

Bibimbap was one of the top three foods during the Joseon period and it is thought to be the most favorite Korean meal among foreigners.

It's every foodie's favourite time of the year – Good Food Month! And, the annual culinary festival is celebrating its 20th birthday!

A Sydney based entertainer and entrepreneur Dion Woo has recommended ‘678 Korean BBQ’ in Sydney aka Kang Ho Dong - one of the most famous South Korean celebrities – for his top pick for Korean BBQ

As Korean food gains popularity worldwide, food writer May Tien explores the different facets of the cuisine and delves into the varied menu options available in Jakarta.

World media have highlighted that Chimaek- the term used to describe the fried chicken (chi) and beer (maekju) combo - has been thriving in South Korea for years but its frenzy is spurred on the oc

At a glance, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish a premium Wagyu from Hanwoo because they’re both highly marbled meats.

What about taste?


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