Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speaks to Korean community about North Korean provocations

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has discussed the implications of North Korea’s illegal weapons program from an Australian perspective and the key role the Federal Government has and continues to play in maintaining diplomatic pressure on North Korea to end its illegal weapons program.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop reiterated, in the forum held in MP Julian Leeser's constituency and sponsored by the National Unification Advisory Council, Asia Pacific Assembly, that commented on the new UN sanctions that could "cripple" the economic capabilities of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Ms Bishop said there was global fear that North Korea would be able to fire intercontinental ballistics missiles.

"We are not a nuclear power," Ms Bishop said.

"We continue to rely on the United States and the United Nations Security Council to force North Korea back to the negotiating table.

Meanwhile, Ms Susan Lee, the chief of NUAC Aisa Pacific Assembly emphasised in her welcoming speech, "the Korean communities fully appreciate that the Minister has been most outspoken and vocal in condemning North Korea over its continued provocations, and emphasing the importance of the full implementation of the UN sanctions against the hermit kingdom."

Mr Lesser said in his opening speech, “the Foreign Minister’s visit to Berowra provided members of our local community with an opportunity to discuss with our Foreign Minister one of the most critical dangers to ongoing peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“North Korea has proved itself to be a bad international citizen, more content to be a rogue state than a participant in the rules based international order,” said Mr Leeser.

On 14 August, Mr Leeser moved a motion in the House of Representatives condemning the recent provocative actions taken by North Korea through their illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

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