Hollywood top star Emma Stone: “I love Korean food and K-Pop”

The new Hollywood blockbuster “Amazing Spiderman 2” features a scene where Emma Stone who plays Gwen Stacey in the movie talks to her friends including Andrew Garfield portraying as Peter Parker about her love for Korean food.

They also have a comfortable chat about how they go to Korean restaurants so often these days in front of a Korean restaurant.

More interestingly, it has turned out that the reason for the scene stems from Director Mark Webb’s taste for Korean food.

The director actually addressed his love for Korean food during the recent Asia tour press conferences in Tokyo.

He said, "I forget about being in shape when I go to Korea, because there is so much good food. So I thought we will promote Korean food to the whole world," and showcased his love for Korean food through his recent blockbuster.

In related news, the movie "Amazing Spiderman 2" will premiere on April 23, 2014.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone has also revealed she is a fan of K-Pop. But this is the reality.

During a red carpet interview in Tokyo, Emma Stone was swarmed by a crowd of excited fans chanting her name.

A reporter asked her about her last visit to Korea, "Korean fans love you. How was your visit last time? I know you went about a year ago."

The top star responded, "I didn't get to spend that much time there. I was only there for a couple days. But I watch a lot of K-Pop."

Her response surprised both the reporter and the Korean fans who were delighted to hear of Stone's appreciation for Korean music.

She has singled out G. NA as her favourite.

Her co-star Andrew Garfield also had nothing but positive things to say about Korea.

"I love Korea. I love the food. I love bibimbap. I love Korean food. I love Korean culture. We had a great ride on the subway. We has a really good experience. I'm excited to go back and spend some more time there."

In a final message to her fans in Korea, Emma Stone said, "We miss you very much and we're sorry we didn't get to see you on this leg of the tour, but we hope you love Amazing Spider-Man 2 and hope to be back soon."

The actress also showed off a bit of her Korean language skills saying both "Hello" and "Thank you" to her fans in Korea.

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