Hwang Chi-Yeul and Suzanne appointed as Korea Tourism Honorary Ambassadors

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) aims to boost its promotion in China and Japan by designating singer Hwang Chi-Yeul and TV star Suzanne (すざんぬ) as official Korean Tourism Honorary Ambassadors.

The KTO appointed singer Hwang Chi-Yeul as a Korean Tourism Honorary Ambassador on July 24. Hwang is known for his active schedule and his sensational popularity across Chinese markets. Last year, Hwang gained prominence by competing in season four of the TV show “I am a Singer" on Hunan TV. It's expected that he will participate in different promotional events, including the filming of a promotional video under the theme of "Tourism in the countryside."

A popular Japanese TV star, a multi-entertainer who works as a broadcaster, a model, and a singer, was also appointed as an official tourism ambassador on July 23. Suzanne is already taking part in a special edition of a Korean tourism TV show that introduces beauty, fashion and food from across Korea. The TV show is soon expected to be shown in Japan. She will work on a promotional campaign called “Suzanne’s recommendations for #ilikeKorea (#좋아요한국)” and plans to attract 5,000 more tourists to Korea through the campaign.

Lim Yong-mook, head of the Fukuoka branch of the KTO, said, “Recently, the popularity of Korean cosmetics and makeup is soaring across Japan. By appointing Suzanne, who is well-known among certain younger age groups of Japanese women, it will be easier to give a good impression of Korea.” 

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