K-CON 2017 Australia heralds Australia's new K-Pop singing stars

The K-CON 2017 Australia has turned out new Australian K-Pop singing stars. K-Pop singing contest hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre was held as part of the K-CON Australia on 23 September at the Quodos Bank Arena in Sydney Olympic Park.

All 14 teams among 120 aspirants from all around the nation managed to take part in the final stage to vie for the prizes.

The first prize with a return ticket to Korea was nabbed by Lucy Mofatt(cover image) who sang ‘Untitled’ of G-Dragon. Lucy Mofatt said in an interview with the MCs “I practiced this song which gave me huge consolation due to my close friend’s death while I was studying in Korea.

The only male contestant Jeffrey Liu won the 2nd prize and the 3rd winner was Geneva Scholfield.


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