K-Pop Queens, Girls’ Generations, finally making their comeback?

That’s right, you heard me! If you’re a K-pop fan, there’s no doubt you LOVE Girls’ Generation and the fact that they’re finally making their comeback, for their 10th anniversary, means literally everything to the K-pop Fandom.

Who are Girls’ Generation?
Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, is South Korea’s most successfulgirl group consisting of, previously 9, now 8 members. Although arguably, they could also be throned as the world’sbiggest girl group…

The girl group debuted in 2007 under South Korea’s largest entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, and have made many marks in the music industry. Not only are they popular in Asia, but they’ve also reached an American audience numerous times; having been featured in 2012 on TheLate Night With David Letterman show, to winning the YouTube Music Awards in 2013 with their music video forI Got A Boy. They’ve sold millions of albums and singles worldwide, and have even performed where most artists can only dream of: Madison Square Garden. In fact, their shows and tours are so widely popular that each their stadiums are regularly sold out. Don’t believe they’re THAT popular? Watch the YouTube Award acceptance video here:

The group’s first song to gain wild recognition was “Gee”, which released 7 years ago. The song is so popular… that some may even call it the anthem that shaped South Korea’s music industry the way it is today. It now has almost 200Million views on YouTube.

Since then, the girls have debuted with numerous themes and concepts for each of their comebacks, ranging from CUTE (Video: Gee)




to FIERCE (Video: You Think)






This comeback will be/has been a long awaited one, as their last comeback as a group was back in 2015 with “Lion Heart”. Oh, how we’ve missed you!
Rumor has it the group is set to come back this summer, towards the end of July, around the same time their first song Into The New World was released 10 years ago. Us SONE’s (the fandom name for SNSD) are now sitting on the edges of our seats, day and night, counting down the calendar days! Are you excited for this come back? If so, remember to show your love and support for SNSD usingthe hashtag #SNSD.

And remember, the SNSD days are not over.




Written by: Daren Ho

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