Korean food at the Jjimjil-bang

Explore the Food and Beverage Outlet

If you get hungry while at the sauna facilities, there’s no need to worry as you can find dining options within the building. There are three areas to choose from – Aquafield’s food court Select the Table, the original handmade hamburger franchise Johnny Rocket, and the snack bar Spa Snacks.

Popular Snacks Served in Jjimjil-bangs

Photo: Sikhye and roasted eggs (top, bottom left) / Breaking the eggshell over the head (right)

There is plenty of food to enjoy at the jjimjil-bang, but must-try snacks for first-timers are none other than roasted eggs and sikhye (sweet rice drink). This is the most popular combination of snacks among Koreans who visit jjimjil-bang. The roasted egg has a unique flavor and texture different from an ordinary boiled egg, and a sip of cool sikye increases the flavor of the egg. Sikhye is a perfect partner to the egg as it supplies your body with fluids and washes away the thickness of the egg.

TIP) Playing a game with eggs

Koreans enjoy using the roasted eggs to play a game of rock-paper-scissors with their friends. The winner gets to break the eggshell by hitting the egg on to the opponent’s head. Why not give it a try with your friends as well?

  Enjoy the Jjimjil-bang’s Other Facilities

Personal Comfort in the Relax Room

Photo: Relax Room, a healing spot for adults

Visit the Relax Room, a healing spot where children are not allowed. About 60 recliners are prepared with individual TVs for optimized comfort and relaxation. The view from the Relax Room is enjoyable as well. One side of the wall is made of floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a wide view of the surrounding environment. An hour or two will pass by in the blink of an eye while you watch TV or take in the view outside.

Enjoy the View and Foot Spa Together at the Outdoor Foot Spa

Photo: Outdoor Foot Spa where one can take in the outdoor landscape while enjoying a foot spa

If you feel like getting some fresh air, try out the foot spa outside. The Outdoor Foot Spa is open to everyone for free and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Hangang River while you dip your feet in the warm, soothing waters.

TIP) Worried about using the foot spa during colder weather?

If you find the weather to be too cold to fully enjoy the experience of the outdoor foot spa, stop by the foot spa entrance. Here you can find padded coats to use for free while soaking your feet.

15 Minutes of Heaven on the Massage Chair

Photo: Getting a massage on the massage chairs

Our last recommendation for the jjimjil-bang tour is the massage chairs. With a small fee of 2,500 to 3,000 won, you get to enjoy a full-body massage for 15 minutes, from your shoulders all the way down to your feet. Let go of your tension as you relax on the chair and by the time the massage is finished, you will feel refreshed and stress-free.

Two Girls’ Feedback after a Day at the Jjimjil-bang!

Pei Chun’s (left) Comment: I’ve been to several Jjimjil-bangs before but this is by far the most luxurious jjimjil-bang that I’ve been to. All of the sauna rooms have their own strengths, but I personally found the Media Art Room most impressive. It’s equipped with facilities that can’t be found in any other jjimjil-bang, and not only was it visually entertaining, but it was pleasing to other senses as well.

Tatiana’s (right) Comment: Actually, I wasn’t feeling very well before coming since I caught a cold recently. But after spending the day at the jjimjil-bang, my body feels lighter and refreshed. I definitely recommend jjimjil-bangs, especially for tourists who are visiting Korea in this cold weather.