Korean multimedia artist electrifies Sydney’s contemporary art community

Contemporary art community in Sydney has indulged in the Joseon Dynasty era through digitally manipulated Korean landscape paintings blending layers of history and fiction, and the past, present and future.

Sydney International Contemporary Art Fair showcased Korean multimedia artist Sang Hyun Lee's digitally compiled works epitomizing the dichotomy of reality and fiction blending historical images of Korea with vivid pop culture of contemporary life during its recent exhibition in September 2017.

Sanghyun Lee has digitally manipulated two Korean landscape paintings from the Joseon era (1392 - 1897), and set in what is now North Korea, in order to blend layers of history and fiction, past, present and future.

<Spring of Chosun>

Exploring questions of artifice and reality in contemporary Korea, he populates these historical paintings with internet game characters, Barbie dolls and K-Pop stars.

He also presents global brand logos, such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci.

The collective craving for money and possessions that Lee observes in both South and North Korea is he argues, related to a profoundly human desire to consume, which can never be satisfied.

<Taedong River>

Image credit : .M CONTEMPORARY and SangHyun Lee

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