Leave it all to me, Jeongseon City Tour

With flowers in full bloom and the gentle breeze tickling our hearts, spring makes us want to get away from it all. But even if we do decide to take off, how should we choose where to go and how to get there? Well, how about hopping on the Jeongseon City Tour Bus? Here are some lovely places that you can experience with this bus.


Jeongseon Arirang Performance: a fun re-interpretation of Jeongseon Arirang

Jeongseon Arirang Performance

The song Arirang is one part of Korea’s proud cultural heritage; it was listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage element by UNESCO in 2012. The oldest version of Arirang was Jeongseon Arirang, which influenced many other styles of Arirang to emerge. The Jeongseon Arirang Performance is a dramatisation of Jeongseon Arirang. It portrays the joys and sorrows of life in the olden days, delivering not only satire and humour but also healing and sympathy. The Jeongseon Arirang Performance also includes the exciting nongak, a traditional form of farmer’s music, and talchum, a mask dance, to capture the audience’s fancy. The performance embodies the spirit of Korea and is one of Korea’s most prominent cultural performances.


Lifestyle and customs of ancient people: Ararichon Village

Ararichon Village

On days when the Arirang Performance is unavailable, you can visit Ararichon Village. Ararichon Village has replicas of traditional houses that were located in Jeongseon. Sculptures inspired by Park Ji-won’s novel <Yangbanjeon (A Story of a Nobleman)> are on display throughout the village. Here, you can see unique traditional houses of Jeongseon such as Jeoreupjib House, Neowajib House, Gulpijib House, Doljib House, and Gwiteuljib House, which are not found in other regions. Moreover, various cultural programs such as “The Life of a Nobleman,” “Arirang Village School,” and “Traditional Handicrafts” are available to visitors so that they may experience Korea’s traditional culture. Do not miss this opportunity!

A mine and a cave: Hwaam Cave


Hwaam Cave

Hwaam Cave was originally the “Cheonpogwangsan Mine” which produced 22,904 kg of pure gold in total from 1922 to 1945. The cave was developed into a thematic cave in 2000 and has five different thematic zones called <Window of History>, <365 along the Gold Vein>, <Fairy Tale Land>, <World of Gold>, and < Natural Cave Plaza>.


Hwaam Cave

Visual aids, such as sculptures and pictures of miners digging for gold, are placed throughout the cave to help visitors empathise with the exhausting lifestyle of the miners. As you reach all the way to the end of the mine, you will arrive at the grand natural cave. The beautiful scenery created by the limestone, cave popcorn, and other amazing cave formations will take your breath away with its overwhelming mystique.

Healthy natural mineral water for your body: Hwaam Mineral Water

Hwaam Mineral Water

Hwaam Mineral Spring is the first of the Eight Scenic Views of Hwaam. Visitors flock to the spring, not just because of the unique taste of the mineral water, but also because of the amazing landscape. 
Hwaam Mineral Water is known to have a kick due to carbonate ion, iron, calcium, and fluorine content of the water. It is also effective for stomach ailments and skin problems. It tastes just like regular carbonated water, and we definitely recommend you to try it. 


Beautiful and picturesque village:
GeurimBawimaeul (Picturesque Rock Village)

Picturesque Rock Village

“Hwaam (畵岩),” or “Geurimbawi (Picturesque Rock),” got its name in the olden days, thanks to the picturesque mountains surrounding the village. This small and quiet village was completely transformed in 2013 with the village art project. With the help from about 40 renowned artists, Geurimbawimaeul Village became the must-visit attraction in Jeongseon that it is now. The beautiful harmony of the gorgeous natural landscape, the calm village, and the sensational works of art will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. As you walk around the enchanting village, you will be at peace, feeling relaxed and refreshed. 


These are some of the great attractions you can enjoy with the Jeongseon City Tour Bus. Please note that the Jeongseon City Tour Bus runs every day except on the days of Jeongseon’s Five-day Market, and Mondays and Tuesdays that are not public holidays. This spring, why don’t you visit Jeongseon and hop on the City Tour Bus for a relaxing spring trip?

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