Here's another Kpop group with NO Koreans in it! It seems like everyone wants a slice of the Kpop industry.


Meet Tem5ive, Kpop's first all-Filipino girl group.


Listen to their debut song, Miracle, which was released last year. It wasn't half as cringey as I thought it would be! The girls can hold a note, and bust a decent move.



Since their debut last year, the group has been performing all over Korea, and has gathered quite a sizable fan base. Just in case you thought Tem5ive was another social experiment like EXP EXPEDITION, you are wrong!


The girls are signed to JW Entertainment, and have even moved to Korea to train for their debut.


We love that the girls aren't just blindly following the footsteps of the other girl group; they are actively pursuing their musical passions. Everyone should get a shot at their dreams, which is why we are totally rooting for Tem5ive!



There's rumors that Tem5ive is managed by one the biggest producers in the Korean entertainment world – JYP. Just in case you thought that name was familiar, JYP has produced many top Kpop groups like Wonder Girls, GOT7, TWICE and 2PM.


Hopefully JYP can work his magic on Tem5ive.


- Michelle Ng