'New Trial' tops weekend,' hitting 1M viewers mark

Domestic courtroom drama "New Trial" topped the box office on its first weekend, pushing aside the previous No. 1 "Fabricated City," data showed Monday.

"New Trial" starring Kang Ha-neul and Jung Woo attracted 755,268 viewers over the Feb. 17-19 weekend, according to a box office tally from the Korean Film Council. The film exceeded 1 million in attendance on Sunday.

Helmed by director Kim Tae-yoon, the movie follows the story of Hyun-woo, the only witness to a taxi driver's murder, who spends 10 years in prison after he is falsely accused of the crime. He gains hope as he meets Joon-young, his advocate as well as a lawyer in debt. The film is based on a real murder case that happened in 2000 in Iksan, some 250 kilometers south of Seoul.