Not History, but HERstory that must not be forgotten!


Cine Asia announced today it will be releasing the highly anticipated Korean drama HERSTORY in Australian and New Zealand cinemas from July 26, 2018


Inspired by the “Gwanbu Trial,” one of the many struggles against the Japanese government on behalf of comfort women, follows ten plaintiffs and their supporters who fight legal battles to attain victory and closure for the abused women. Kim Hak-soon, who broke her silence in 1991 about wartime rape, became the first woman in Korea to testify her experience as a sex slave for the Japanese military. Then, 10 Busan-based former sex slaves, with assistance from Moon Jeong-suk, head of a local travel agency, and a Korean-Japanese lawyer, began a long 6-year legal battle, including 23 court appearances, to demand an apology and compensation from the Japanese government.


When was first unveiled to sold-out screenings at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival this year, it brought tears to audience and earned global attention in leaving an unforgettable impression on an international stage. is now set to deliver a strong message not only in Korea but also around the world.


"Since I've witnessed the testimony of Kim, I felt like I have been carrying a heavy stone in my heart” said director Min Kyu-dong. “So, 10 years ago, I made up my mind to make a film dealing with comfort women's stories. While doing research, I came across the court documents in Shimonoseki. Finding out their seemingly little victory contains big, heartening life stories, I began my project."


In this moving and inspirational drama director Min Kyu-dong mostly follows historical facts and tells the tragic stories through the elderly women's voices in the courtroom rather than using flashbacks to depict their traumas at a young age.


Presented by Next Entertainment World, Cine Asia will distribute HERSTORY through Event, Greater Union, Birch Carrol & Coyle, HOYTS, Palace and leading independent cinemas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth plus Auckland and Christchurch from July 26, 2018. (Rating tba. Korean with English subtitles).


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