South Korea has the world's second largest market for skincare products, and increasingly more Korean men are looking for unique ways to sharpen their looks.

Korean born Australia and New Zealand designer Vanessa Kim is inspired by her homeland’s cleanliness and pristine environment.

In this sense, a renowned fashion critique in New Zealand has described her as the environmentally conscious designer.

More and more foreigners are purchasing Chuseok gift packages from Korea, the online mall Gmarket said last week.

According to Gmarket, sales on its English and Chinese platforms increased 29 per cent between August 27 and September 2.

The influential western media such as Britain’s The Independent and US’s Washington Post are once again saturated with the issue of so called ‘Gangnam smile’.

Gyo Yuni Kimchoe, a design label created by Gyo Kim and his partner Yuni Choe, is the winner of the spring/summer 2015 Fashion Scout Merit Award.

Korean girl group singer Nana has become a participant on "Muse Dress," a fashion show on Chinese television, in the latest sign of Korean entertainers gaining a foothold in China.

Renowned Korean fashion designer Jeon Yang-Bae of Tacoma’s sister-city Gunsan in South Korea comes to direct a show of his latest hanji, or paper fabric, designs next weekend at the Museum of Glass.

Dark-colored suits and neckties have long been the uniform look for male office workers, but that has been changing in Korea, particularly over the last decade.

It is a noticeable difference from neighboring Japan, where a conservative office dress code is still very dominant.

4minute's HyunA manages to handle so hectic schedules, preparing a solo and a TV presenter debuts.

And, she had a sexy photoshoot for 'Arena Homme eliciting very hot feedback from her fans both locally and internationally.