The temple has been leveraging its expertise in temple food through its temple stay and food experience programs for the masses.

Sam Kass, the then White House assistant chef, visited the Jinkwan Temple in 2014.

A long with the chaotic energy of the city comes the occasional craving to center the soul and mind.

Situated in the coastal region of Jeollanam-do, Mokpo and Haenam are renowned for their seafood dishes.

The 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup is over but Korean gastronomes’ craze for WC food ‘fried chicken’ never cools down.

Fried chicken is also ranked No. 1 among Korean people’s favorite delivery food.

Summer in Korea is in full force, bringing with it muggy weather and bouts of heavy rain. As temperatures rise, people try to escape the heat by heading to the beach, the swimming pool, or air-conditioned cafes and malls.

Bingsu (shaved ice with toppings) is a popular snack food found almost everywhere in Korea during the summer months. Believed to date back all the way to the Joseon Dynasty, the original bingsu was simple, served as finely broken ice chips topped with sweetened red bean porridge.

Daebo Myeongga’s Yakcho bapsang, above, is made with locally grown medicinal herbs, or yakcho, from Jecheon, North Chungcheong.

Straight out of nature: Daebo Myeongga

“Mr Together Burger” has served over 1,800 burgers a day to families of the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster and the divers involved in the recovery work at Paengmok harbor at his own expense, according to a Korean local news report.

Korean people used to hate waiting in line to buy something but a recently most popular ice cream store helps Korean youths to learn that is a virtue and rewarding.