T.O.P's condition stable, needs psychiatric treatment

T.O.P, a member of boy band BIGBANG, has shown improvement after being hospitalized for an apparent drug overdose, but is still in need of psychiatric treatment, according to his family and experts Thursday.

"(His condition) has improved substantially," the singer's mother told reporters at Ewha Womans University Medical Center in western Seoul after visiting her son who is being treated in an intensive care unit.

When asked whether she made eye contact with her son, the mother answered, "Yes."

A senior police official from T.O.P's police squad, who accompanied the mother, said, "He recognized me. It seems he can communicate."

A hospital official said that T.O.P has gained full consciousness and his vitals have returned to normal. "We believe he will be able to leave the intensive care unit tomorrow," the official added.

Doctors have also assessed that the singer needs to have psychotherapy treatments. The hospital will decide whether he will receive the treatment at the hospital or at an outside medical institution after consulting with the family.

The 29-year-old singer-rapper, whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun, was hospitalized Tuesday from an apparent overdose of benzodiazepine, a day after he was indicted without detention on charges of smoking marijuana.

T.O.P is suspected of smoking the banned substance four times with a 21-year-old would-be singer, only identified by her surname Han, at his home in Seoul in October last year.

YG Entertainment, which represents T.O.P, apologized for the singer's marijuana scandal that sent a shock wave through fans.

"We deeply apologize to everyone who was let down and hurt by the string of disgraceful incidents involving T.O.P," YG said in a statement.