Travel smart with VisitKorea mobile application!

We are living in an era in which technology has amazingly progressed to the stage where almost everything you need can be found and searched within a few moves of the fingertips, through portable devices. Thus, this has led to the emergence of mobile application services. Such developments are also seen in the fields of business travel, where lesser number of people is now dependent on tour guides but on their smart gears instead. Following the trend of self-motivated form of travel, also known as 'smart tour' where majority of independent travelers prefers to use mobile applications to guide them than joining a tour package program.

To fulfill the increasing need for travel mobile applications as well as to promote tourism in Korea, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has been offering an easy and convenient mobile service known as 'VisitKorea' for both international and domestic visitors alike. By using the KTO's travelling app, going around the country is no longer a frightening experience, but an informative one as you will be well-versed with the latest travel news, popular sightseeing destinations, eateries and more. Above all, the information provided on this app is of top quality, ensuring travelers to plan their itinerary more accurately.

VisitKorea Mobile App, how much do you know?

VisitKorea is a mobile app created by the Korea Tourism Organization that provides Korea travel information for foreign independent travelers in English, Chinese and Japanese languages. With constant updates on tourist attractions, dining options, transportation and other useful travel information, the app serves as a great reference for travelers who are planning their trip beforehand or when traveling freely around Korea. This newly designed app makes traveling around Korea more convenient and it offers you the opportunity to experience Korea more in-depth!

Photo: VisitKorea App's home screen page (English version)

① Find out the latest travel information at 'Travel Highlights'

This is one of the most helpful categories to refer to while planning for your travel itinerary to Korea. You can easily grasp the most up-to-date information provided by our editors every month on the latest hotspot, attractions, festivals, Korean culture as well as a variety of other information related to Korea in the segment of 'Travel Highlights'.

② Categorized Information - shopping, hotels, dining at hot spots, and more!

In order for easier navigation around the app, information is classified into categories including shopping, hotels, dining and more. Also, the results from the search are listed with the most popular one at the top, as well as, the ones that are located at the closest proximity to your current location.

③ Plan your travel itinerary via 'Travel Course'

'Travel Course' is a useful planner that will help in your itinerary planning greatly. Recommended itineraries as well as popular itineraries made by other travelers give users a space for idea sharing. Users may refer to the 'Recommended' courses that are suggested for a kick-start, or refer to 'Popular' courses that are shared by other travelers. Alternatively, you can also create your own itinerary under the 'My' function, and share via social media networking sites (SNS) with other travelers.④ Download 'Discount Coupons' and enjoy traveling!

Beyond travel-related information, the app also provides a variety of discount coupons for tourist attractions, restaurants, theater performances and many other enjoyable events. Discounts from 5% to as much as 30% are available. As the validation period and the terms of use of the coupons may differ, travelers are advised to check the details before using them.

Take on a 'Seoul One Day Tour' recommended by VK App

Now you've learned the basics of what VisitKorea app has to offer, it's time for you to actually make use of this service on the road! To give you an idea of what you will find inside, we have came up with a trial course that is favored by throngs of foreign tourists - a 'Seoul One Day Tour'!

Navigate your desired tourist destination by 'Attractions'!

Photo: Bukchon Hanok Village trails with Korea's traditional charm and artistic value

'Attractions' is a feature that is highly used by many users, of which this segment introduces major tourist sites in Korea with an added function of step-by-step guide on how to reach your destination. For example, getting to Bukchon Hanok Village has never been this simple because all you need to do is type the name and then follow the route shown in your screen! Its user-friendly contents are easy to comprehend for all, including foreign travelers who are visiting for the very first time!
Find the nearest travel spot by category and distance!

Find the nearest travel spot by category and distance!

Photo: Insa-dong's full of touristic activities and attractive destinations to jump on

If you are done touring around Bukchon Hanok Village, why not make additional visits to nearby attractions, such as Insa-dong, the ideal venue for shopping and diverse cultural experiences. Besides, whether you are in need of food choices, place to stay or other travelling activities, VisitKorea app will help by indicating them in the order of categories and distance to travel. With plenty of recommended places as well as popular sites provided, users will able to enjoy and discover the true charm of Korea.

Photo: Panoramic view of 'Ssamzie-gil' shopping mall

Continuing the exploration of Insa-dong, Ssamzie-gil Road is one of the top attractions that one cannot miss. It is a four-storey building where hallways connect each floor by exhibiting a 'street-like themed' architectural style. Step by step towards the higher floors, visitors will be greeted with an unforeseen vista over the downtown Seoul, and even spot Sky Park (or Hanuel-gongwon in Korean) as well.

Photo: Visitors can participate in hanbok experience program at the Insa-dong PR Center

Sightseeing Insa-dong does not end there, as the last stop remaining is the Insa-dong PR Center where foreigners can participate in hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) experiential program as well as take many photos for memento. This program requires a minimal fee in renting the beautiful garment, and the reservation can only be made by visiting on-site, where the number of hanbok tries is limited for one per person.

Find the best bet through 'Dinning' feature

Photo: Taste Korea's representative healthy dish, 'bibim-bap' at Insa-dong (right)

Gourmandizing in a foreign country can sometimes be a heavy task, especially if you are not familiar with the region and the menus available. Fret not because VisitKorea app's 'Dinning' feature is ready to provide you with a mount of restaurant information including Korean, Western, Japanese, Chinese cuisines, and more options listed by your preference and distance of your current location.

Find the nearest department store by using 'Shopping' feature

Photo: Myeong-dong is a-must-stop-by shopping destination in Korea

Myeong-dong can be reached within 30-minutes of walking from Insa-dong, where groups of young Koreans meet and gather to shop, eat and enjoy the city's atmosphere of freedom and latest trends. Lines of stores housing international and luxury brands, department stores and carts filled with various fashion goods pack the streets of Myeong-dong. Search through the 'Shopping' feature and all the information you need for shopping will appear in hand. In addition, for visitors from abroad, duty-free shopping needs will also be answered here without having to travel far!

Tips on making use of 'Discount coupons' feature

Photo: N Seoul Tower is Seoul's the first skyscraper deck opened for public's view

Next stop on the itinerary is N Seoul Tower, located on Namsan Mountain, offering great panoramic views of the city. It has been a symbol of Seoul since it first opened to the public in 1980 and loved by groups of family visitors and love birds for its beautiful nightscape ever since then. For VisitKorea app users, a 10% discount coupon is offered and valid until this year-end, so keep this in mind if you are planning to visit one of the city's best observatories!

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