'YouTube Queen of Skateboard' Hyojoo Ko visist Sydney for filming

'YouTube Queen of Skateboard' Hyojoo Ko from South Korea is visiting Sydney to film herself dancing on her skateboard, according to the Daily Telegraph.

It reported, "when South Korean longboarding sensation Ko Hyojoo first gave skating a try in 2014, all she was looking for was a break from the nine-to-five grind of her software-designing job."

“I wanted a break from my repetitive workday,” Hyojoo said in an interview with the newspaper.

“After I saw the first longboard video on YouTube I went to the shop and impulsively purchased a longboard,” she said.

Skateboarder Hyojoo Ko films herself "dancing" on her skateboard - Ko's FB


Since then, she has gone on to pioneer her own style – dancing and skating at the same time.

Her viral videos – with over 25 million hits – show her skating through her native Seoul, effortlessly gliding to popular Korean tracks.

While South Korea has her heart, international skate spots, including Tempelhof in Berlin and even Sydney’s beaches, make her list of longboarding destinations.

On her trip to Sydney this month for a film campaign, Hyojoo said the coastline fascinated her.

Hyojoo Ko skates and dances through Los Angeles

“The colour of the sea, the expanse of blue sky and rocks in the distance. All these things caught my eye and refreshed me,” Hyojoo said.

Despite being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated sport, Hyojoo said she has “never thought in that way”.

“Travelling around the world and having new experiences are my happiness and challenges,” Hyojoo said.