Hwacheon Sancheoneo festival expecting record number of visitors

A street decked with lanterns in the shape of sancheoneo 

 The ongoing 2019 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival is gaining explosive popularity, with the number of its visitors highly likely to hit an all-time high.

The annual ice fishing festival kicked off Jan. 5 on a frozen lake in the remote county of Hwacheon, about 120 kilometers northeast of Seoul, for a run till Jan. 27.

According to organizers Friday, about 1.15 million tourists came to the festival during the first 13 days of its opening, up some 10 percent on-year.


Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival 2019

'Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival 2019' is a domestic Winter festival and will be held from Dec. 28 to Feb. 17, 2019. There are excitements including skating and ice fishing, and over 20 food and snacks. Enjoy unforgettable Winter experience with family and friends in the festival. 

Dec. 28, 2018 ~ Feb. 17, 2019

Jaraseom Island
60, Jaraseom Island, 1-1 Daljeon-ri, Gapyeong-eup, Gyeonggi-do.


Hueree Camellia Festival

Hueree Natural Park is one of the most local and beautiful parks on Jeju Island. The park offers various seasonal programs in different colors. This winter, visitors can take a walk on the red carpet of camellia flowers.


Nov. 16, 2018 ~ Jan. 31, 2019

256, Sinryedong-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Hueree Natural Park


Jikji Korea festival to wrap up three-week run Sunday

Jikji Korea International Festival, an annual cultural event in honor of the world's oldest extant book printed with movable metal type, will conclude its 21-day run in the central South Korean city of Cheongju on Sunday.

Printed at the Heungdeok Temple in Cheongju in 1377, "Jikji" is the abbreviated title of "Jikjisimcheyojeol," a book on the Zen teachings of great Buddhist priests. In that year, two disciples of Ven. Baegun completed the publication of the book written by him using movable metal type.


22018 Gwangju Biennale: boundary issues, North Korean art, 'Gwangju' spirits

The 12th Gwangju Biennale finally raised its curtain Friday under the theme of "Imagined Borders," for which 11 curators put together a dizzying array of some 300 artworks by 165 artists.

This year's edition looks at how the world is increasingly enhancing invisible borders beyond geopolitical and physical ones, which affect such issues as immigration and refugees, through multidisciplinary approaches and artistic media.


2018 Autumn Festivals in Korea-Paju Booksori Festival

Paju Book City is a leading publishing and cultural hub in Korea, started in 2011 with the establishment of a street lined with bookstores to transform the area from a place of publication to a place for enjoying book culture. A total of 42 bookstores opened within the city's first year. In view of participating in international activities, the city joined the International Organization of Booktowns (IOB) in June 2012. The IOB is an organization of 16 booktowns in 13 countries. 


Boryeong Mud Festival attracts 5.68 mln visitors this year

The Boryeong Mud Festival, one of South Korea's most popular local festivals, saw a record number of visitors this year, up more than 40 percent from last year, according to organizers Monday. 

The number of visitors during this year's event, which ran for 10 days from July 21 at Daecheon Beach on the west coast, reached 5.68 million, up 42.4 percent from last year's 3.99 million-large crowd, Boryeong City said. The number of foreign visitors stood at 622,000. 


Summer festival to be held in Han River parks

The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts the 2018 Hangang Summer Festival in 11 Hangang parks in Seoul till August 19.

Th festival, also called Hangang Mongttang Festival, is a large-scale riverside culture festival, and the representative summer festival of Seoul.

It consists of about 80 programs including camping, water leisure sports, circus, music concert, movie concert, street performances, bike-riding, paper-boat sailing, fire art, traditional performances, night market, and others, organized by the Hangang Project Headquarters, and various civic organizations.

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