Boryeong Mud Festival attracts 5.68 mln visitors this year

The Boryeong Mud Festival, one of South Korea's most popular local festivals, saw a record number of visitors this year, up more than 40 percent from last year, according to organizers Monday. 

The number of visitors during this year's event, which ran for 10 days from July 21 at Daecheon Beach on the west coast, reached 5.68 million, up 42.4 percent from last year's 3.99 million-large crowd, Boryeong City said. The number of foreign visitors stood at 622,000. 


Summer festival to be held in Han River parks

The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts the 2018 Hangang Summer Festival in 11 Hangang parks in Seoul till August 19.

Th festival, also called Hangang Mongttang Festival, is a large-scale riverside culture festival, and the representative summer festival of Seoul.

It consists of about 80 programs including camping, water leisure sports, circus, music concert, movie concert, street performances, bike-riding, paper-boat sailing, fire art, traditional performances, night market, and others, organized by the Hangang Project Headquarters, and various civic organizations.

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