Learning from Korean masters, renowned foreign chefs compete in Korean cooking show

"Korean Food Battle" is a popular television show where traditional Korean food masters from all over the country boast regional delicacies and compete against each other.

The new season on the food channel Olive TV came back with a twist. This time, Korean masters pair up with popular foreign chefs from Canada, Belgium, Italy, the United States and Mexico who have little knowledge of Korean food and teach them how to make authentic Korean dishes.


Korean beef ‘Hanwoo’ vies with Wagyu for the best meat reputation on globe

At a glance, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish a premium Wagyu from Hanwoo because they’re both highly marbled meats.

What about taste?

USA Today has praised Korean beef ‘Hanwoo’ as the best meat on earth, surpassing Wagyu or Kobe; however, some other media including the Sydney Morning Herald are still preoccupied with Wagyu as the most premium beef along with Kobe.

Hanwoo has that great beef flavour, according to internationally renowned chefs, but there are unique flavors in an animal’s fat too.

Homely delicacies of Korean desserts...a bite of sweetness ushers into gourmet world

Typically served with tea as refreshments for special guests, Korea's traditional desserts are visually appealing with lovely colors and appearances. Moreover, they are healthy snacks made with nutritious ingredients like beans, rice flour, varied nuts and seeds, etc. In recent years, regional specialty desserts have also gained popularity among international tourists. A vast assortment of sweet and wholesome Korean traditional desserts offer unique treats to travelers in Korea and also makes great travel souvenirs.

Bibimbap – a signature Korean dish embodying multiculturalism

The late Michael Jackson’s favourite food

Bibimbap, the Korean mixed rice, has become a global food since the saturation of the media reports that “Michael Jackson fell in love with it” when he visited Korea in 1997.

Then it has gone viral worldwide as a healthy and diet food.

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